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Help from our Mentors:

Tanya Nash
20 years professional experience in TV and radio drama/comedy with 15 years at BBC
John Maxwell
Award winning filmmaker - features & shorts. Co-lead MA Screenwriting LiverpoolJMU
Eleanor Yule
Award winning, Scottish writer, film director, screenwriting lecturer
Rick Harvey
Cambridge based screenwriter (Frenzy Films, EON) story-design consultant & lecturer
Phil Parker
Over 25 years in media, leading European screen consultant - C4, BBC, Aardman
Tammy Riley-Smith
Award-winning writer-director specialising feature film & short video
David Griffith
Writer/producer experienced in TV, Games, interactive media
John-Paul Chapple
Producer & Screenwriter, experienced in Film, TV and online content
David Manderson
Writer of fiction and non-fiction. Creative writing tutor UWS Scotland

Work on the site:

The Wellbeing
The Wellbeing

by Beverley Haines

Ebony's tears wake up the ancient and magical Wellbeing who emerges with wish pebbles from the well of sadness. The creature teaches Ebb to use her own magic to help others on their quest for lost things.

Mickey Barrow is Dead
Mickey Barrow is Dead

by Christine Murphy

A young burglar beaten by vigilantes has a near death experience. On release from hospital he's told to leave town or he's a dead man. As he travels, he begins to have visions about the people he meets.


by Shahida Rahman

A poor Bengali man leaves Eastern India and has to survive the harsh conditions of life aboard a 19th century British steamer as a Lascar sailor and in an equally hostile Victorian London.

Samantha: Nobody’s Girl

by Kevin Mahon, Mark Hilton & Amy Lewis

Inspired by true events in a Post-Thatcher Britain, the story chronicles Samantha’s adolescence as she moves between children’s homes, experiencing sexual abuse, drug addiction and more as she seeks to maintain sanity in an ever darkening world. Currently in film script and TV serial formats, the project has potential as an animation, interactive or graphic novel


by Alessandro Carmeci

Anna, kidnapped by a Toy store owner finds herself as a cellmate to twins who have been missing for a few months. To escape she has to use at best a single wish given to her by a magic doll.

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