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Registration on BCre8ive is a two-part process

1. Registering on the site, which requires you to confirm your email address having submitted it to the site.

2. Having completed this process you are then asked to upload an artefact, something you have created.  You can do this in four different ways.

a. As an individual who wants to work initially alone on their own project

b. As part of a team/group who want to work together on a project

c. As an individual seeking to find a group to work with on your project

d. As an individual who does not have a project but would like to join other people's projects. This option is via the Talent Pool

NOTE: You can upload as many projects as you like, and be in the Talent Pool as well as working on projects.

All four routes lead to the free MASHUP part of the site.

You can register for the BCre8ive Newsletter only without uploading an artefact.

What is an Artefact?

An artefact is what we are calling all original pieces of work, which you upload to the site, from drawings and texts to animatics and videos.

How do I upload a video/text/drawing/music/images/animation?

When you have selected which joining option you wish to follow e.g. with your own project, as part of a team, to find a group or to join the Talent Pool you will be asked to fill in the details of the artefact you wish to upload, and attach it to the form.

You must complete the elements of the form including selecting your file to be uploaded by either:

  • Dragging a file from your computer onto the green file-drop area
  • Or clicking "browse" and finding your file

Most formats are accepted onto this system, but if you upload a format that the system cannot use to generate a thumbnail you will be prompted to upload a thumbnail version (e.g. plain text or JPG image).

The file size limit for uploading files to BCre8ive is 100MB.

NOTE: You can create a thumbnail (a smaller visual version of your artefact) in any photo editing programme e,g. Microsoft 'Picture Editor' or Apple 'Preview', which allows you to resize documents. Many documents allow you to do this in the standard tool bar.

The reason we ask for this much detail is to help those people who are seeking to join other people's projects, which is based upon the information attached to their artefact, and other artefacts on the site. .

What is the difference between registering for the BCre8ive newsletter and joining BCre8ive?

When you register for the newsletter you receive the BCre8ive newsletter, but do not have access to the site other than the Talent Pool, which is open to all.


Use this option if you want to work on a project on your own, at least initially.  This is designed to let you submit material to a Mentor and potentially to a BCre8ive Lab, or 'A Place Like Settle' on your own.


This option allows two or more people (up to 10) to join all at once to work on a project. However, everyone has to be registered individually with BCre8ive before they can join the group. Each person listed in the initial registration will be sent an email explaining what they have to do.

The person who uploads the first artefact, with the list of group members is made the group administrator, but this can be changed later.


This option is for you if you do not have a project you want to work on but wish to be invited to join other people's projects.


This option is for you if you have an artefact but want to work on it with other people.  The site will automatically try to match you with group/s or individuals who have artefacts similar to yours in genre, tone, etc.

If there is a match you will automatically be placed in this group/s. You can of course decide, after discussion with the people in the group, to leave or stay.

If there is no current match you will be given a group of your own, as if you had signed up as an individual. You may then search the TALENT POOL to find potential collaborators

All these options lead you to the free MASHUP part of the BCre8ive site.

What is the difference between the BCre8ive MashUp and the BCre8ive Workshop?

BCre8ive MashUp is the space in which individuals or groups of people work for free to create new projects together. In the MashUp you or your group are able to hire a trained Mentor to advise you on the development of your project, and the creation of a Dramatic World.  Creating a Dramatic World portfolio is the first step to submitting to the companies in the BCre8ive LAB, including Settle Stories.

BCre8ive Workshop is used when you or your group has decided to apply to join one of the BCre8ive Labs, which is only possible through the Workshop. In the Workshop the group will need to work with at least one Mentor to deliver the key elements of a Dramatic World. Once all these key elements have been created and approved by the Mentor the group will be able to submit to a BCre8ive LAB.

Do I have to join a group?

NO, but BCre8ive is a site for you to develop creative content, which can be used on several different digital platforms. Our experience has led us to see groups as the most effective way of improving work, and creating a range of options for you to achieve this.

You may work in your MASHUP group on your own project before you show it to other people, invite people to join your group, or ask for advice from a Mentor.

You may also upload work to the Talent Pool, which may be viewed by other groups on the site and Companies who are looking for new talent or particular types of work.

Can I change my group?

Every time you upload a new artefact, which is not uploaded into a specific group you will be placed in a new group.

Members of a group may also ask you to join their group.

Can I be in more than one group?

Yes, but you may not upload the same artefact to more than one group

Can I join an existing group?

If a group invite you to join them, either because you know someone who is already in the group or someone in the group has seen your work in the Talent Pool, then yes, you can join an existing group.



Can I work on my own project without a group?

Yes.  Although the site is intended to bring people together in collaborative teams, you can work on your own project without any collaboration partners.

To work on your own project, upload your first artefact using the "Own Project' tab.  You still create a Project Group and have a Group Home Page - you are just the only member.

If I register with an "Own Project" can I ask people to join me later?:


What are the rules of the group?

BCre8ive has been developed to encourage people to work with each other. In order for this and to be effective we ask people to follow these simple guidelines:

Agree on the key things you want to work on as a group. This may be the creation of a particular type of project e.g. a game, e-novel or feature film, the creation of a dramatic world or a particular offline event.

Agree a timeline for each piece of work you are gong to undertake.

Agree deadlines for delivery both of pieces of work and feedback.

Work to any agreed deadlines but recognize that creative work is not always easy or predictable, and different people will work at different rates on different parts of the same project.

Do not be afraid to ask for help, from other members of your group, Mentors, or other members of BCre8ive at: admin@bcre8ive.eu

Provide constructive advice to other members of your group

  • Remember that an opinion is just that, an opinion. In itself, an opinion does not necessarily help develop a project.
  • If you think something is not working in a project explain why, and provide a potential solution.
  • Remember that not all solutions will work and the creator of a work may have already tried out several solutions.
  • Remain open to new ideas.

Respect everyone in your group by allowing them to contribute to discussions, and suggest amendments to the work being discussed or developed.

How does a group work?

When a group is formed we ask the group to appoint an administrator.

Who decides who is the administrator of the group?

BCre8ive appoints the first person to join the group as the administrator. However, the group is able to change this at any time.

What responsibilities does the administrator have?

The administrator co-ordinates the activities of the group, this includes the following:

  • Posting agreed tasks and deadlines on the group’s calendar.
  • Inviting new members to join the group.
  • Making a request for a Mentor.
  • Authorising payment for a Mentor.

What happens if we cannot, or do not want to, appoint an administrator?

The site will have appointed an administrator, but they do not have to fulfil this role in order for you to use the MashUp or to develop your idea. Nothing will happen until you need to undertake any of the tasks listed for the administrator. At this point one member of the group will have to take this role at least for the time necessary to complete the task.

How do we make decisions in the group?

You vote.

How does the group voting system work?

Each member of the group has one vote and the majority decision is binding on the group. In the event of a tie the casting vote, used by BCre8ive on an automatic basis will cast against the action. You can of course call another vote on the same question as many times as the group agrees to do this.

Can I invite someone to join my group?

Yes, but the other members of the group have to vote and agree to the invitation.

How do I leave a group?

You notify the administrator, then go to your Group Home Page and click on 'Leave Group' (4th icon from the bottom of the left hand menu).  This will take you to a page where you have 3 choices:

a)  Leave all your files and contributions at the team's disposition (allows the team to use and change your files)

b)  Leave all your files available for download only (allows the team to use your file but does not permit them to make any further changes)

c)  Remove all your contributions

What happens when I leave a group?

You will be offered a number of automatic options with respect to the work you have create/contributed to the group.

What happens to my IP if I leave a group?

This will be determined by the stage at which you leave the group e.g. MashUp, Workshop or Lab stage AND the option you chose from the automatic options made available to you on choosing to leave a group.

What is the points system?

This is the system BCre8ive uses to reward you for making a contribution to the work the group produces on the BCre8ive site. Ultimately, it will determine your share income from any sales made of work, to which you have contributed.

How does the points system work?

It depends on which stage of the process you are at.

If you leave the site whilst still in the MashUp 80% is shared equally between all group menbers and the final 20% is available to allocate extra IP to those who the group think have done most work on the project.

If you leave the site during the Workshop Stage 70% is shared equally between all group menbers and 28% is available to allocate extra IP to those who the group think have done most work on the project. The final 2% is given to BCre8ive and divided between the site and your Mentor/s

You enter the Lab with the percentages allocated at the end of the Workshop and then there are separate arrangements negotiated for each Lab project developed from your 'Dramatic World'

How long before someone becomes an inactive member in a group?

7 days.


Do I/we have to hire a mentor?

No. However, you need to hire a mentor to be considered for entry to the BCre8ive Labs.

What does a Mentor do?

Mentors have two key functions:-

  • Providing you and the group with advice on how your project/work could best be developed for particular digital distribution platforms;
  • Advising you and the group on how best to improve the project/work to ensure it has a chance of being selected for a BCre8ive Lab.

How do we work with a Mentor?

The group agrees with the Mentor what help/advice you need, and the specific goals they seek to achieve together.

The group agrees with the Mentor when the Mentor will be available to the group, or an individual within the group.

The Mentor provides advice on developing your work.

The Mentor reviews the work undertaken and informs the group of what they think is the best course of action to achieve the group's agreed goals.

How do we find a Mentor?

You visit the Mentors list, review the Mentors available – they will have a short note on what they specialise in, what time they have available and how many groups they are currently working with.

How do we choose a Mentor?

The group decides which Mentor they want to hire and for how long. The administrator of the group then contacts the selected Mentor.

How do we pay for the Mentor?

If the Mentor agrees to work with your group you pay the Mentor in advance. 

This is done via the BCre8ive online payment system, which allows each member of the group to contribute whatever level of payment they wish to the final agreed sum required.

The Mentor will not start work with the group until the full amount agreed has been paid.

The group works with the Mentor for the amount of time paid in advance.  We suggest an hour to start with.  This allows you to see if you all work well together, after that, time may be extended on an hourly basis.

Why is the Mentor given a share of the IP?

The Mentor is part of your group, but with specific experience which we believe will help you create better work/s.

The Mentor is only paid for the hours they work with you on the site not for all the years of experience they are contributing to your discussions/work. Therefore, we believe it is fair we reward them with extra revenue if any projects they have contributed to are a success.

We also recognise that such a payment scheme provides some incentive for Mentors to work towards commercially viable projects.

How much of the IP will be given to a Mentor?

0.5% on entry to the Workshop and a further

1.5% on entry to the Lab

Can a Mentor become a group member?

They may be part of the group by definition as they may own a part of the IP, but they are excluded from being a full member in order to protect them and the group from conflicts of interest.

Can we have more than one Mentor?


How is a Mentor’s time measured?

Each time a mentor interacts with a group their time is split into five-minute sessions, as five minutes is we feel the minimum time required to contribute something useful to a group. So if you hire a Mentor for one hour this may take the form of any combination of five minutes up to a total of sixty minutes.


What is the BCre8ive Workshop?

This is the space within the BCre8ive site where groups who wish to join a BCre8ive Lab work with a Mentor or Mentors to create a Dramatic World.

Your Dramatic World is the essential requirement for being considered for inclusion in a BCre8ive Lab.

What is a dramatic world?

This is a combination of dramatic elements that define the narrative framework for any particular project/s.

Why do we have to create a dramatic world to enter the BCre8ive Lab?

The BCre8ive Lab is a space in which a number of companies are looking to work with individuals and groups on completely different digital platforms. Therefore, you need to provide a dramatic world in order for the different companies to see the potential in working with you to create new products, which they might want to produce/sell on radically different digital platforms.

How do we know we have a finished dramatic world?

Your Mentor will mark the various dramatic elements as completed within your group.

Who decides if we can enter a BCre8ive Lab?

Your Mentor nominates your group work for a particular BCre8ive Lab. The companies in that particular BCre8ie Lab then review all the work nominated and decide if they would like to work with you.

How do Companies decide which groups will join a BCre8ive Lab?

The companies in each BCre8ive Lab are looking for certain types of project – they may even have specified this on the BCre8ive website, for example Settle Stories. Therefore, they will choose group work, which they believe has the greatest potential to match their production needs.

What happens to my IP when my group joins a BCre8ive Lab?

Your IP is registered as part of the group’s IP, which is recognized via the points system, and which you agree to by signing the terms and conditions of the BCre8ive Lab.


Which companies are in the Bcre8ive Lab?

The companies will vary from Lab to Lab. Details of which companies are in each BCre8ive Lab will be published in advance on the BCre8ive website - see BCre8ive Partners.

Can I approach the companies directly?

Obviously you may approach the BCre8ive Lab companies directly, but not with any of the group’s work, as part of the intellectual Property (IP) is held by BCre8ive, and we have agreed with the companies to work via the BCre8ive Lab.

How do I obtain access to the BCre8ive Lab?

See The BCre8ive Workshop

Can I go straight to the BCre8ive Lab?

No. The Bcre8ive Lab have been established to only work with groups and projects which have already been assessed by Mentors on the BCre8ive site.

Who selects groups for the BCre8ive Lab?

See The BCre8ive Workshop

What happens in the Bcre8ive Lab?

Each group that is selected for the BCre8ive Lab has an online meeting with the Company Mentor/s who want to work with them. This may lead to an offline meeting but not necessarily so.

You and each individual Company Mentor agree a number of goals, and deadlines for the group to work to during the three months of the BCre8ive Lab.

A group may be working with more than one company, and you will have to ensure you have time to respond to all the companies' requests or re-negotiate deadlines accordingly.

Individuals within a group may be set tasks by the Company Mentor/s and you will need to ensure you know precisely what is being asked of you and how this relates to the group’s work overall.

At the end of the three months each company reviews the work undertaken to date and has a Lab deal which gives them a fixed period of time to make an offer to develop the work further or allow the group to take it to other companies.

How many companies are in a BCre8ive Lab?

This will vary from Lab to Lab but we aim to have between five and ten companies in each BCre8ive Lab.

How much time will the Company Mentors provide for the groups in the BCre8ive Lab?

This will depend on the Company’s Mentors but we expect a minimum of one hour a week for the three month period of the Lab.

Why are the BCre8ive Labs only three months long?

This is the time experienced developers across all the digital platform agreed was the maximum they needed to be able to work up a solid commercial proposal.

Can we opt out of a BCre8ive Lab before the three months is completed?

No. You will be contracted by the Terms and Conditions, which you are required to sign for the BCre8ive Lab, to make your work available to the companies in the BCre8ive Lab. However, you may of course decide not to work with a company during the Lab, even if they have requested you to do so.

Do we have to work with all the companies in the BCre8ive Lab?

Each company will approach the groups within the BCre8ive Lab which the wish to work with. However, the group may choose not to work with a particular company at any time within the three months. Equally, a company may choose to stop working with a particular group during this period.

Do the companies own any of our IP while we are in the BCre8ive Lab?

No. However, once the BCre8ive Lab is completed, and the Lab Deal offer period has expired, each company will be offered a lump sum of future revenues earnt by the group on work to which they contributed, even if they themselves do not produce it.

Why are companies being given a revenue share when they are not producing the work?

It provides an incentive for them to work within the BCre8ive Lab with projects, which they themselves may not be able to produce but they can see the commercial potential in.

It rewards them for contributing to all the projects they have supported in the BCre8ive Lab, when they may not have been able to realize a deal or production out of it.

Do we have to develop our ideas in the way the companies suggest?

The Company will have chosen to work with you because they see commercial potential in the work you have created. Obviously this may mean they wish to take it in a direction you have not considered or wish to follow. We suggest you review your group options on the work before making any decision to reject a request from a Company to take the work in a particular direction.

What type of deals may be on offer at the end of a BCre8ive Lab?

There are a number of deals, which may be on offer at the end of the BCre8ive Lab. These include, a first look deal, a buyout, a joint venture agreement, a joint development agreement, a license, an option, or a right of first refusal.

What is a first look deal?

A ‘First look deal’ is when a company or individual has exclusive rights to look at a group’s, or individual’s, material for a fixed period of time, before anyone else is allowed to see it.

What is a buyout?

A buyout is when a company or individual pays you a fixed sum of money for all the rights in the work, and the creator/s have no further monetary claim on any revenues generated by that work.

What is a joint venture agreement?

A ’Joint Venture Agreement’ is where you and other individuals or companies agree to work on something together over normally a fixed period of time, and not involve, or sell or give any rights in the work to, anyone else without the other individual or companies consent.

This normally takes place when both individuals or companies involved have no ability to take a project into production on their own but they do have jointly the skills to take a project to the next level.

What is a joint development agreement?

A ‘Joint Development Agreement’ is where you and other individuals or companies agree to develop a project together normally over a fixed period of time.

This usually takes place for the same reasons as a joint venture agreement but is focused on the much earlier stage of the project where often no money is available to pay for development.

What is a license agreement?

A License agreement is when you agree to allow the use of a work owned by you to another individual or company, usually for a sum of money, and for a fixed period of time, without granting the other individual or company any underlying rights.

What are underlying rights?

These are the rights created in a work the moment you create it. They belong to you until you agree to pass them onto to someone else, an individual or a company, and these rights mean no-one can use your work without your permission, and any revenues generated by the work belong to you unless you have sold or licensed these rights.

What is an option?

An option is usually when you give an individual or a company exclusive use of your work for a fixed period of time, usually for a sum of money. This is normally given to allow the individual or company time to develop/package the work ready for production and/or to raise money for production.

What is a right of first refusal?

This is when you grant someone a right to be informed if some one else is about option, license or purchase your rights in a work, at which point they have the right to make an offer first. This is type of agreement is not commonly used, but may be offered to an individual or a company who has no monies for development and no-one else has expressed an interest in the rights of a work.



What is IP?

Intellectual Property (IP) results from the expression of an idea. So IP might be a brand, an invention, a design, a song or another intellectual creation. IP can be owned, bought and sold.(Definition from the UK Intellectual Property Office)

What is copyright?

Copyright protects written, theatrical, musical and artistic works as well as film, book layouts, sound recordings, and broadcasts. Copyright is an automatic right, which means you don't have to apply for it.

Note: Copyright doesn't protect ideas. The work must be fixed (e.g. written or recorded) There is no official registration system for copyright.

How do I protect my copyright?

You could mark your original work with ©, your name, and the year it was created. This helps any court recognise when you had it in your possession. However, the copyright exists automatically without you putting any name etc. on it.

If someone uses your original copyright work without your permission they may be infringing your copyright i.e. using your work unlawfully. However, this will probably be a civil law issue not a criminal law issue and you will be responsible for pursuing any claim against the person/s responsible for the infringement

How does BCre8ive protect my IP?

Every time you upload an artefact to the BCre8ive website we automatically register its details i.e. when it was uploaded, who uploaded it, where it was uploaded from, and what it is. We keep this in our archive so that if anyone ever infringes your copyright we can provide evidence that you had the work and stated that it was your original copyright work at a particular time.

Why does BCre8ive take a share of the IP?

BCre8ive is providing a service for you. This includes providing you with people to work with, online information, a range of trained Mentors to help you develop your work, we train the Mentors specifically to work with you on BCre8ive, access (when selected) to key production companies, additional copyright protection, and a partner in negotiations for revenue. We provide all of this free, so everyone is able to use the site. However, it does cost money to be able to do this, and by taking a share of the IP in work created on the site we can afford to run it, and continue to provide an ever better service in the future.

You are asked to pay for the Mentors, as they are freelance people, not employees of BCre8ive, and they have to pay their rent etc.

What percentage share of my IP will BCre8ive take?

BCre8ive will be allocated:

On entry to the Workshop - 2% IP (1.5% to BCre8ive and 0.5% to your Mentor) plus

If you go on to the Lab we will be allocated a further 8% (6.5% to BCre8ive and 1.5% to the mentor)

When does BCre8ive receive payment?

At the point when you/we sell something.

How do I report abuse on the site?

Initially, report it to your group administrator, who may be able to solve the problem. Alternatively you may inform your Mentor, if you have one of the issue.

If both of these options either fail or are inappropriate please email privacy@bcre8ive.eu and the admin team will adjudicate.

What will happen after I report abuse?

The person you have reported it to will record it in the group’s record. It will be highlighted within the BCre8ive records. A member of the BCre8ive team will review the report. If any action is required this will be authorised for the BCre8ive team. You will be informed of any decision made. If abuse persists BCre8ive reserves the right to refuse use of the site to any individual.

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