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18/06/2020 - 5 Steps to Increasing Creative Content

The Lockdown during the Covid crisis has produced an explosion of creativity not only in the UK,  but also globally. This has ranged from performers in their own homes e.g. One World Together to Grayson Perry’s Art Club and innumerable individual rainbows and children’s craft activities. Evidence, if it was ever necessary, that people want to make creative outputs, if given the chance or a major reason to do so.  However, this is a long way from people creating careers and companies from their individual creative ideas.

Developing Intellectual Property

Content development is big business in the advertising world with new websites and campaigns exploding across the digital universes.  However, this is not where the major financial gains from content development are to be made. For this we need to look at ideas which can be developed into Intellectual Properties(IP) which are then sold and/or licensed globally.  These range from the obvious blockbuster films, and novels, to fashion and fine arts. It may still surprise some that globally the visual arts out sell film and TV combined.

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